Susan Wolfe

Beekeeper Susan Wolfe, our new Incubator Farms Project at Horn Farm Center for Agricultural Education

Incubator Farms Project Beekeeper Susan Wolfe, at Horn Farm Center for Agricultural Education

Susan is new to beekeeping and the York, PA area. She and her husband moved from Richmond, VA in 2013. Their new home includes several acres of land maintained as an indigenous wildlife corridor. Susan plans to continue cultivating their vegetable garden, small fruit orchard, berry patch and countless wild plants with the addition of beehives.

“The incubator beekeeping program will teach me how to care for bees and best incorporate them into my landscape, so I can be more connected to the natural world and contribute to the environmental benefits of keeping bees. I know bees are fascinating and honey is delicious. I look forward to learning so much more.”

Susan’s background is in art and design with a BFA from the Corcoran College of Art and Design, Washington, DC. When she’s not behind a computer or digging in the dirt, she enjoys playing soccer, cooking, knitting and walking her dog on the Heritage Rail Trail.

“I believe in the mission and appreciate the educational atmosphere of the Horn Farm Center. At the conclusion of my apprenticeship I plan to start my own colony and also help sustain the incubator beekeeping program by sharing my excitement and new knowledge with another aspiring beekeeper. I’m thrilled to become part of the HFC community!”