Writing to Wonder: Nature Journaling

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Awakening the journaler in all of us can be fulfilling and revealing: from slowing down and promoting discovery in nature to addressing the despair we share for our struggling wild world.

NOTE: this event has been postponed until further notice

New dates will be announced soon.

Explore how nature journaling can move you ...

Whether seeking reprieve from a fast-paced world, rest for a weary soul, or simply the wonder of the unknown, nature beckons us to come. Play. Wander. Reconnect with ourselves and like-minded people who also seek the freedom found in the arms of her wild beauty. 

... fostering discovery ... 

This nature journaling class begins with choosing a few gifts (pinecones, leaves, stones, etc.) that speak to you, using them to awaken the memory of the senses. Time to explore the farm in solitude will follow to ramble, dream, write, sketch, and process. We will reconvene to share our experiences, validate each other’s discoveries, and discuss how we can leverage our creative instincts.

... and advocacy.

There is a collective grief among those who love nature. Despite years of recycling, planting trees, and beach clean ups, the destruction done to her continues to escalate, forcing humankind and nature into smaller areas of living, eating polluted food, and breathing toxic air. As any journalist knows, first hand accounts are a key tool in moving the hearts and minds of those who might otherwise choose not to prioritize an issue. And while articles in magazines can reach vast audiences, it is most often our reasoned, insightful, and well-expressed witness to those closest to us that wields the most influence. 

This class is also an opportunity to gather together and listen to nature’s voice, learn to frame language, and discuss practical steps to invite others to join us in caring for the only home we have.

As a way to continue conversations and build community, we encourage you to pack a lunch and stick around after the formal program concludes at noon. 


Families Welcome! 

Children and teenagers may participate for free with a paying adult. This program is intended for all ages and writing experiences. We just ask that children remain supervised. We hope to create an environment for nature-based connection and inspiration, so we ask for quiet and calm. 

About the Instructor: Nicole Watt

Nicole Watt is a certified massage therapist, freelance writer, writing mentor, and mom of five, two whom she homeschools. She writes about healthy touch, slavery, the mutually restorative power of caring for nature, and relationships. She grew up in the Bald Hills of Pennsylvania where she spent hours climbing trees, walking mountain paths, and talking to the animals, trees, and flowers who always seemed to understand her. She’s lived in Northern Ireland for the past thirteen years immersed in culture, castles, and fresh sea air. 

May 19th, 2024 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
4945 Horn Rd
York, PA 17406
United States
Mobile: (717) 757-6441