Wild Lands Immersion: Primitive Skills – Fall 2022

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Five full-day workshops designed to reconnect you to the land and develop essential survival skills. Register for individual days or the whole session. Sundays, 9:00am-4:00pm, beginning October 9


Students will gain hands-on experience with basic, pre-industrial, woodland-style survival skills/bushcraft. This includes gathering wild foods and medicine, building debris-huts, animal tracking, fire-making techniques such as hand-drill and bow drill, making basic hunting implements such as a survival bow and simple traps, and much more! These classes are being offered as stand-alone one-day workshops but as a group provide a well-rounded introduction into these skills. Discounted package for those signing up for the full five-class session. This class is geared toward adults, but we welcome students 15 years or older. Students age 12-14 may register with paying adult.


Classes run Sundays from 9:00am-4:00pm.


10/9: The Art of Seeing and the Science of Observation: This class contains the building blocks for all other awareness and wilderness skills. Participants will learn to expand their observation skills by using all 5 senses to truly observe the wild. Includes awareness techniques, tracking, and more. If you're going to take only one of these classes, this is the one we recommend!


10/16: Shelter Building & Finding Water: Participants will build a shelter out of what nature provides - Using sound shelter principles, learn to craft your own wild home. The class also delves into how to collect wild water safely and how to make unsafe water safe using nature's toolbox.


10/23: Ancient Art of Fire by Friction: Participants will learn the ancient art of friction fire. Come learn how to be human, for the act of making fire, controlling the flames has made us the animals we are. Aside from learning and practicing fire by friction techniques, this class will also delve into how to make a fire pit, how to maintain a fire overnight, and how to cook over open flames.


10/30: Foraging, Hunting, Trapping: This class is by far the one everyone looks forward to. Learn how to identify wild edible plants, learn simple primitive snares and dead-falls to acquire wild meat. Learn how to use simple hunting weapons such as the throwing stick and the field expedient spear thrower.


11/6: Advanced Primitive Hunting Techniques: Participants of this class will delve deeper into the art of hunting and trapping. Learn to make a survival bow, stalk with a weapon, and make a hunting blind. Learn several new deadfalls and snares, previously not taught before in Wilson's classes.

PREREQUISITE: Students signing up for this session must have taken Wilson's Foraging, Hunting, Trapping class in this or a previous session.


Preparedness for Class:

Students MUST be prepared to be outdoors in varied weather for extended periods. Students should come fully prepared participate in hands-on, outdoor activities. Things to bring:

  • drinking water

  • rain gear (in case of light rain)

  • notebook

  • writing utensils

  • camera

  • work gloves

  • a sharpened carving knife

  • a multi-tool

  • sturdy water proof shoes or boots

  • long pants

  • sun protection

  • layered clothing for temperature changes

  • all-natural bug repellant (NO DEET)

  • Students should bring their own lunch.

About the Instructor:

Wilson Alvarez is a certified permaculture designer, inventor, gardener, skilled tracker, bowyer, nature-awareness instructor, and writer from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Since 2004, he has studied and taught classes and workshops on bio-intensive agriculture, regenerative technology, foraging, hunting, trapping, tracking, and wilderness survival. Wilson has studied through the Wilderness Awareness School via the Kamana program, and he received his Permaculture Design Certificate via Susquehanna Permaculture.


Health and Safety

The Horn Farm Center is offering on-site educational programming with some modifications due to COVID-19. Multiple hand sanitizer stations are available. We will adjust as needed as time passes and things change.

In order to ensure the health and safety of our visitors, volunteers and staff, the Horn Farm Center if following current CDC Guidelines. Please contact us at info@hornfarmcenter.org for questions or concerns.

*All programs are subject to change based on unforeseen circumstances including inclement weather. Participants will receive an email and phone call if there are any program changes or cancellations.  

*Parking is along the field above the farmhouse. 

October 9th, 2022 9:00 AM to November 6th, 2022 4:00 PM
4945 Horn Road
York, PA 17406
United States
Mobile: (717) 757-6441
Event Fee(s)
Wild Lands Immersion
#4 Food - Foraging, Hunting, Trapping $50.00
#5 Advanced Primitive Hunting Techniques $50.00