Erin Shrader

Erin Shrader is a native of Adams County, PA, where she grew up in the apple orchards of Gardners. Erin’s family worked the fruit orchards, picking apples and cherries, and also in the manufacturing of fruit into applesauce, pie fillings, etc at Mussleman’s Foods in Biglerville. As well as working in agriculture and the food processing industry, Erin’s family members were farmers since they arrived from Germany in the 1700’s, and probably farmed the land in Germany before their migration!
Erin’s grandparents were the last generation to devote much of their lives to farming. Modern convenience and large scale agriculture freed their time for other pursuits, but the love of tending to growing things remains strong.
Erin graduated from New Oxford High School after moving there from Gardners in eighth grade. She went on to earn her bachelor’s in nursing from York College. Erin worked as an RN for several of the area hospitals, as a school nurse for Bermudian Elementary, and as a hospice nurse at AseraCare Hospice. Erin’s passion for alleviating suffering gave her the opportunity to excel in her work in hospice, eventually becoming the Executive Director of the York agency.
The leadership skills that Erin honed in her role as Executive Director prepared her for her work in helping to establish the Bridges to Health program at Wellspan, co-founding the York Time Bank and leading the York Chapter of the Weston A. Price foundation.
Erin continues to be passionate about alleviating suffering, which she believes is done most successfully through education and access to healthy life choices. Erin spends most of her time these days homeschooling  her children, teaching yoga, reading and finding ways to serve in her community. She is excited to get back to her agricultural roots and serve the community through the important work happening at the Horn Farm Center.