Farmer Training

Horn Farm Interns 2016

The Horn Farm Center believes in the power of education. By demonstrating and teaching holistic land management practices that provide food along with ecological and economic benefits, we are building a community of skilled land stewards.

Since its founding, the Horn Farm Center (HFC) has equipped over 60 aspiring farmers and land stewards with hands-on, industry-specific job training through its signature farm-based training programs. Beginning with the Farm Incubator Program in 2010, the Horn Farm developed its first Farmer Training program in 2016 to provide aspiring farmers, including our farm incubator participants, with the skills necessary to meet the challenges of starting a small scale agribusiness. As the scope of the HFC’s mission evolved, the Woodland Steward Training Program was added in 2018 to provide hands-on training in holistic land management and agroforestry as part of the Center’s new regenerative focus.

In 2021, the HFC launched its first Land Steward Training (LST) program, which aims to provide a more accessible and diverse educational offering that will equip students with job-ready skills that can be applied to a variety of land-based industries. A holistic hybrid of the HFC’s Regenerative Farmer and Woodland Steward Training Programs, this new program is an immersive learning experience focused on deep ecological literacy and practical skill-building. The LST Program offers work-force training and development for those exploring a career in land stewardship fields such as small-scale food production (regenerative farming), agroforestry, land restoration work, and ecological landscaping. 

Built on a 4-week core curriculum of foundational ecological education in the classroom, the LST program offers 12 weeks of intensive hands-on practicums focused on skill-building for practical application in the burgeoning fields of regenerative agriculture, agroforestry, and restorative earth work. During the 16-week program, students are invited to build skills in their chosen area of focus with 3 practicum offerings: the Regenerative Farmer Practicum, the Woodlands Steward Practicum, or the Whole Landscapes Practicum, which includes both the Regenerative Farmer and Woodlands Steward tracks. 

Throughout their training at the HFC, students will explore: basic ecology, botany and plant identification, land restoration best practices, mapping and regenerative design, sustainable food production, agroforestry, horticulture, and land-based skills for micro-enterprise. 

For more information, please contact Program Coordinator, Lizzy Ryan at or call 717-757-6441.