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Wild Lands Immersion – Primitive Skills Fall 2016

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Wild Lands Immersion – Primitive Skills Fall 2016
Students will gain hands-on experience with basic, pre-industrial, woodland-style survival skills/bushcraft. This includes gathering wild foods and medicine, building debris-huts, animal tracking, fire-making techniques such as hand-drill and bow drill, making basic hunting implements such as a survival bow and simple traps, and much more! These classes are being offered as stand-alone one-day workshops but as a group provide a well-rounded introduction into these skills. Discounted package for those signing up for the full five-class session.

Classes run Sundays from 9:00am-4:00pm.

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Mushrooms, Foraging, Permaculture 101, Wilderness Skills, Summer Kitchen Dedication, and a Harvest Party!

Introduction to Permaculture –  October 15

Permaculture is a practice that is steeped in deep observation, understanding relationships, and designing systems that meet our needs while simultaneously caring for the Earth and providing for future generations.

permaculture 101

Foraging – Roots – October 20

October – Roots! Now is the time to begin digging roots – as the plants begin to drawn their energies into the ground to store them for winter, we can begin to take advantage of this and dig them up to be used as tasty root vegetables, process and dry them for coffee, tea, and medicine.


Wild Lands Immersion – October 23 through November 27

Wild Lands Immersion – Primitive Skills Fall 2016: Students will gain hands-on experience with basic, pre-industrial, woodland-style survival skills/bushcraft.


Harvest Party – October 29

Join us around the bonfire as we share a potluck dinner to celebrate the abundance of the harvest!


Summer Kitchen Ribbon Cutting Ceremony – November 9


Gardening with Mushrooms – November 13

Join local mushroom enthusiast and educator, William Padilla-Brown, for this extensive workshop, Gardening with Mushrooms. This 7-hour workshop is perfect for gardeners, farmers, permaculture designers, grassroots bioremediators and mushroom lovers.

william padilla-brown

Squirrel Tail Oven – Bread Baking Demonstration – November 17

squirrel tail oven

Seasonal Eat & Meet 2016


Proceeds will benefit the community education, community gardens, farm internship, and
incubator farm programs of Horn Farm Center for Agricultural Education.

What better way to spend a weekday evening than to gather with your friends, family, and co-workers to enjoy a delicious meal of seasonal local foods prepared by the chefs of John Wright Restaurant at 234 N. Front Street in Wrightsville!

And on Tuesday, August 23 from 6 pm to 8:30 pm, you can meet and mingle with the Horn Farm farmers and others who are passionate about supporting local farm businesses.  

There will be delicious seasonal foods prepared from produce grown at the Horn Farm and other local farms(all gluten free menu except for the pizzas cooked in the outside pizza ovens). Allegro Winery will host a wine tasting. Attendees can also win one of six great seasonally themed door prizes.

This event exemplifies Horn Farm’s mission of connecting local food to community, and community to local food.

Executive Director Alyson Earl said, ”Right now there is such an abundant variety of fresh foods right here in York County. Our Seasonal Eat & Meet gives us a chance to showcase how our farmers are meeting local food needs — making those farm to table connections, as well as raising money for popular community programs.”

Our farmers – Jeremy Kilgore of Kilgore Family Farm, Francie Delaney and Vince Hedger of The Art Farm, and Horn Farm’s interns Betsy Dorbian, Andrew Horn, Miranda Komisar- Gindling, Joshua Witchger, farmhand Tyler Miller, and Horn Farm Education Director Jonathan Darby – will be attending this event and are eager to talk about their experiences and goals.

Jonathan Darby, farmer and Horn Farm Center Education Director, explained, “We’re really honored to be doing the hard, on the ground work of growing a wide variety of produce, and are looking forward to breaking bread and sharing stories with our community.”

You can reserve your plate now. Tickets are $40 per person, and are available online at hornfarmcenter.org/seasonal-eat-meet-2016/

For more information, visit our website or contact 717.757.6441 or info@hornfarmcenter.org

The Horn Farm Center for Agricultural Education is a non-profit organization dedicated to showcasing and interpreting the rich heritage, viable present, and exciting future of York County agriculture. We bring people together to directly experience sustainable agriculture, promote the rich heritage of our lands, and to make known the fundamental importance of local agriculture to the health and well-being of our community, our economy, and our environment. We work to improve the resilience of our local economy by increasing the amount of food that is grown here in York County.