Horn Farm Happenings – April 14

greenhouse gets the vent stack installedWe did it! One USDA Rural Business Development Grant, hundreds of hours of labor, one Leadership York volunteer project, many sleepless nights over 18 months from start to finish, the vent stack for the propane heater was completed this morning. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this project!
strawberry plant with unripe strawberry fruits

Both of our greenhouses are filled with plants we are growing for our Heirloom Plant Sale to be held on Saturday, May 6. A few lucky customers will go home with one of these hanging baskets of strawberry plants. Look! They are already bearing fruit!

We are looking for a few enthusiastic volunteers to help at the plant sale. If you can help out for a couple of hours, please sign up here!

We also use the greenhouses to grow plants for our CSA members. This week we transplanted cabbage that will be part of the shares in June. The black cloth is used to help keep the weeds at bay.
Have you ever had fresh, local, nutrient-dense cabbage? It’s so sweet and tender that it seems like a different vegetable than those that can be found in the grocery store. We still have shares left. What’s in a share? In early June you could expect to get:
spinach – 4 ounces
lettuce – one head
spring onions – 3
arugula – 4 ounces
strawberries – one quart
snap peas – one quart
beets – 3
carrots – one bunch
green garlic – 3

arugula-radishes under coverradishes – 4
cut your own herbs

Under the row cover we’ve already planted radishes with arugula.
In late July you might receive:
heirloom tomatoes – up to 3 pounds
cherry tomatoes – one pint
hot peppers – 3
sweet peppers – 3
potatoes – one quart
lettuce- one head
watermelon – 1
green beans – 6 ounces
garlic – one head
scallions – one bunch
cut your own herbs
We still have space for you to share in the harvest! More information and registration at:





Horn Farm Happenings – April 7

potting up seedlings
Preparation for our Heirloom Plant Sale on May 6 starts months ahead. Depending on their needs, seeds are planted in trays of 32, 72, 98, or 128. Once the seedlings emerge they get ‘potted up’ into 3″ or 4″ pots where they live until the plant sale. This year we will have more than 15,000 plants–over 300 varieties of flowers, fruits, herbs, and vegetables. Click here for a list of plants.

plant sale plants in greenhouse
Our volunteers are the ones who make the plant sale possible. If you have a few hours to help with the plant sale, please sign up here.

plant sale plants in greenhouse

Cycle the Solstice Riders Ready to Go

Save the date for our third annual Cycle the Solstice! On Saturday, June 24, The Cycle Works of Wrightsville, Pennsylvania will be hosting the third annual Cycle the Solstice bicycle ride to benefit The Horn Farm Center for Agricultural Education. Cycle the Solstice is a 10-, 20-, 30-, 62-, or 100-mile fun bike ride through York and Lancaster counties. More information and registration here.


It’s time to plant cool weather crops like kale, collards, cabbage, broccoli, and scallions, and we have plants for sale! Visit our online farm stand to place your order, then pick up your plants Saturday from 9 to 12 at the Horn Farm Center. Online Farm Stand


Horn Farm Happenings – March 31

Tilling the community garden plots
Each year, we aim to open the seasonal community garden plots on or around April 1–depending on the weather. Yesterday, Jon got the plots tilled, but since we are replacing the stakes with the plot numbers on them, the gardens won’t be open until next Saturday, April 8. Once again, all 102 plots have been rented.

In the field of mental health, horticulture therapy is something that is used in many types of care settings. The thinking behind it is that growing plants teaches us something about ourselves, about our relationships with others, increases our self-esteem, reduces stress, and allows us to pursue healthy activities which contribute to our overall well-being. This year, we are welcoming the staff and children from a local therapeutic after school program who will be gardening here at the Horn Farm.  The farm is close enough to their York city program that the Horn Farm can be the “green space” experience these kids so very much need today. Thank you to Rutter’s Farm Stores which has generously granted the funds needed for seeds, equipment, and transportation costs for the entire season.

permaculture 101
Permaculture is a practice that is steeped in deep observation, understanding relationships, and designing systems that meet our needs while simultaneously caring for the Earth and providing for future generations. Using nature as our guide and mentor, we can interact with the world in ways that are regenerative, fun, and fulfilling. Permaculture principles form the basis for everything we do here at the farm–whether it is the design of the farm internship or the field map we use for planning when and where crops will be grow throughout the season. On April 9, we are offering Introduction to Permaculture. This six hour class will provide a foundational understanding of what permaculture is (and isn’t) – the history, ethics, principles, and design process. The class is filled with opportunities to interact, be creative, and spend time indoors and out.

Mark your calendars for our Heirloom Plant Sale taking place on Saturday, May 6. The list of plants we plan to have can be found here.