Incubator Farm Project

Kilgore Family Farm

Program Description
In a food economy that favors large and industrialized farming, it can be challenging to successfully start a small, sustainable farm. Equipping, supporting, and educating aspiring farmers is at the core of the Incubator Farm Project. The project is structured to bridge the gap between a farmer’s current knowledge and the knowledge necessary to create and sustain a profitable small farm business.

Horn Farm Center provides the opportunity for independent farmers to create and operate small-scale sustainable farms on prime farmland acreage and develop a local market for their products. The project provides infrastructure, marketing resources and other support and assists with linking its new farmers to other local available farmland.

The Horn Farm Center Incubator Farm Project is a three to five year program. Creation of an exit strategy and path for establishing an agricultural operation outside of the program is a key part of the process. Leading up to the completion of the program, Horn Farm Center will assist with linking new farmers to available farmland in York County and the surrounding region.


Farmer Handbook