Tammy Bray

The past decade has found Tammy Bray returning to her roots. She was born in York county into a family that spent time farming and gardening for their livelihood and the love of it. One of her earliest memories is of growing Brussels sprouts in the backyard garden at the age of 3. She finds it exciting to watch our local culture returning to canning and preserving locally grown food, as she took part in this with her family and has fond memories of this as a child. She once again gardens and grows food in her back yard, and enjoys sharing this with her husband, grandsons, and neighbors.

She began learning more about the farming side several years ago when she became a working share member with a local CSA, and then two years ago when she began volunteering  at Horn Farm and Education Center. Some of the volunteer roles Tammy has held at HFC have been sharing in preparing luncheons through the use of the squirrel tail oven, assisting in seeding and transplanting plants for the annual plant sale, and as a liaison between the incubator farmers and Healthy World Café. The other year when she was invited to join the former Homesteading Committee, she was excited to be more involved with the people who brought the farm to life and were sustaining it. She found a group of people who are uplifting and positive. Currently she is a member of the Community Education Work Group as well.

Tammy has a desire for being in healthy relationship with all of Life, and inviting others to share in this with her. In the past, this played out for 20 years as she earned her bachelor and master degrees to work in positions as counselor/therapist with children and families in a variety of settings, including their homes and schools. She then moved on to engage in alternative and complementary healing modalities. Marrying these together, she is currently working towards her 200 hour teacher certification to share yoga with people of all ages.

For Tammy, she sees all of these experiences, and more, as a brilliant woven tapestry of Life. She is interested in seeing Horn Farm Center for Agricultural Education as one of many places in our culture that brings people and nature together in balance once again.