Training Programs

The Horn Farm Center believes in the power of education. By demonstrating and teaching holistic land management practices that provide food along with ecological and economic benefits, we are building a community of skilled land stewards.

Since its founding, the Horn Farm Center (HFC) has equipped over 90 aspiring farmers and land stewards with hands-on training through its signature farm-based training programs. Beginning with the Farm Incubator Program in 2010, the Horn Farm developed its first Farmer Training program in 2016 to provide aspiring farmers, including our farm incubator participants, with the skills necessary to meet the challenges of starting a small scale agribusiness. As the scope of the HFC’s mission evolved, the Woodland Steward Training Program was added in 2018 to provide hands-on training in holistic land management and agroforestry as part of the Center’s new regenerative focus.

Land Steward Training Program

In 2021, the HFC launched its signature Land Steward Training (LST) program, which is designed to train the next generation of land stewards.

This program is an immersive learning experience focused on deep ecological literacy and practical skill-building for aspiring & established gardeners, farmers, landowners, activists, naturalists, and outdoor enthusiasts. Some program participants are exploring a career in land stewardship, while many others are residents and homeowners who are looking to improve the ecology of their local communities. All participants gain a deep understanding of regenerative practices and land stewardship.

Ecological Gardener Training Program

The Ecological Gardener Training program was launched in 2022 in partnership with Elyse Jurgen of Waxwing EcoWorks. This program focuses on rebuilding biodiversity and other ecosystem services in human spaces.

Program participants will explore native plants for designing wildlife habitat, lawn conversion methods, scaled designing, and seasonal management techniques that can be applied to commercial, schoolyard, and residential spaces. Whether you are exploring a career in ecological gardening, seeking to enhance pollination services in your community garden, or itching to rebuild biodiversity at your home habitat, ecological gardeners will gain valuable hands-on skills in designing, building, and stewarding spaces that support the well-being of people and wildlife.

Beekeeper Training Program

Our Beekeeper Training Program participants learn under the supervision of our beekeeper, Mark Gingrich of Gingrich Apiaries. Over the course of the two year program, participants will work side by side with Mark and other program participants to learn all aspects of keeping bees. At the end of year one, each participant will have the option of receiving a bee colony to be moved to their home property. During the second year, participants will benefit from repetition of some aspects of the program, learn more advanced techniques and troubleshooting while managing their own hive at home.


For more information about our Training Programs, please contact our Program Coordinator at or call 717-757-6441.