Our Beliefs

Agriculture can regenerate life.

  • The processes for cultivating food have the potential to restore and rejuvenate the health of natural cycles. 
  • Humans are part of nature and play an integral role in whole ecosystems. 
  • Each place is unique and solutions emerge from nature’s intelligence.
  • Living systems are composed of diverse and complex interrelationships that inspire wonder.
  • All life is sacred and interconnected.

Our Philosophy 

Change Happens Within

  • Change begins on an individual level. 
  • As people are personally transformed, they in turn influence others in a ripple effect of positive renewal.
  • Groups of people working together can make meaningful systemic transformations.

Everything is a Learning Opportunity 

  • All activities and interactions are an instrument for learning and developing our capacity for understanding and growth.
  • The magic of storytelling inspires people in a way that captivates imagination and fosters learning.
  • We educate by engaging students in the process of curious investigation activating critical thinking, innate knowledge and the lifelong learner in each of us.
  • We grow teachers, not students.
  • We empower others by rekindling lost knowledge and igniting new ways of being.

Ecology Guides Technology 

  • Utilize appropriate technology that is small-scale, energy-efficient, low impact, and locally controlled.
  • Prioritize local materials and people-power.
  • Involve interactive collaboration providing opportunities for growth and development.

Our Values/Guiding Principles

Push the Edge

We embrace the unexpected and that which emerges from bold experimentation. We nurture creativity, cultivating fertile soil for opportunities to take root and new potential to germinate. We value discomfort and accept failure knowing that disturbance and friction create growth and transformation.

Act Ecologically

We act with self awareness, understanding that all living systems are interconnected. We prioritize collaboration, cooperation, and communication. We honor our interdependence with all beings by taking personal responsibility with honesty, respect, and restraint. 

Encourage Biodiversity

We design for complex diversity knowing that difference, variation, and the quality of exchange are the keys to a resilient ecosystem. We remain open to new ideas, energies, and disruptions with gratitude, grace, and acceptance. 

Re-member Yourself

We believe in the transformative power of connection. By valuing the marginal, the lost and the forgotten, we rediscover ourselves and our role in nature. We engage full circle – reconnecting to the past, reclaiming the present, and rethinking the future. 

Cultivate Caring Community 

Mindful of our role in the community and the gifts we each contribute, we act with love, empathy and care. We give freely knowing that our strength is dependent on the quality of our relationships. We each have a reciprocal role to play in creating a healthy community. 

Harmonize for Health

We strive for a healthy balance in everything we do. By embracing simplicity, we do what we can with what we have today, for tomorrow. We strive for equilibrium, valuing being as much as doing, while allowing space for evolutionary development.

Steward Relationships with Humility 

We honor the past, present and future as we steward the land with humility and reverence. Before we act, we ask for permission and seek to co-create with the consent of nature and the communities we serve. We take responsibility to accept feedback and act accordingly. 

Our Mission & Vision

The Horn Farm Center fosters learning through ecological land stewardship, experiential education, and community partnership.

Horn Farm Center is a bio-regional hub for emergent discovery rooted in the land. We envision a world where people live in reciprocity with nature and our agricultural practices revive ecosystems and human well-being.