CSA Newsletter – July 10

Last week’s CSA Shar

The Weekly Share

Here’s what to expect in this week’s share:

  • Cabbage
  • Carrots
  • Cucumbers
  • Herbs
  • Lettuce heads
  • Potatoes
  • Swiss chard
  • Summer Squash

Let’s Talk About Herbs

I think sometimes herbs kind of become the forgotten toss-up of the CSA share, an extra we don’t always know what to do with.  Here is a list of my favorite things to do with my CSA herbs:

  • Roasting – toss fresh herbs like oregano, rosemary or sage in anything you are roasting (meat or vegetable) for extra flavor.
  • Flavor my water – honestly 9/10 times those mint sprigs make it into my water bottle and give me water some zip to get me through the work day. Bonus – the added flavor makes me more likely to drink more water
  • Mix with fruit – ok so when the mint isn’t in my water it’s topping some of my favorite fruit. Cut into ribbons and tossed in with your favorite berries or melon, refrigerate for a couple of hours to let the flavors blend, it’s a refreshing summer treat.
  • Drying – Not all herbs retain their flavor when dried but many do. Rosemary, thyme, and oregano are great dried. Just hang in a cool dry place to dry. Then place in a sealable container.
  • Marinade or salad dressing – Oil, vinegar, herbs, salt and pepper – perfect combination for roasting meat or vegetables for grilling or a dressing for your salad. Fresh herbs add a kick of extra flavor that dried herbs can’t compete with.

Farm Happenings

 Picking up your CSA at the farm this week you may have noticed an explosion of color. The flower rows have jumped into bloom! 

Connect and Share

What is your favorite part of your CSA share? If you have a recipe or picture you want to share, a trick you learned, or a question about your CSA produce please let us know at csa@hornfarmcenter.org.  Share on social media with the hashtag #HornFarmCSA.