aerial view Horn Farm

Connect. Educate. Restore.

Our Mission: The Horn Farm Center fosters ecological learning through land stewardship, community partnership, and hands-on experiences.

Our Vision: We envision a world where people live in reciprocity with nature and our agricultural practices revive ecosystems and human well-being. 

We are creating community resilience through education and regenerative practices on the land. 

“From A Red Oak”

Since our incorporation as a nonprofit 20 years ago, the Horn Farm Center—like our sentinel red oak—has grown and endured. As we continue to build the future of the Horn Farm, we’re looking back on our 20-year history with awe and gratitude. Let’s celebrate all that we’ve accomplished together:

Thank you to the organizations, businesses, and individuals who supported our work and mission in 2023.

The Horn Farm Center is a bio-regional hub for emergent discovery rooted in the land.

Through a diverse offering of classes, workshops, training programs, community events, on-site demonstrations, community gardens, and volunteer service learning events, we are connecting people with nature in fun and meaningful ways. 

Join us for an upcoming program at the Horn Farm Center – from foraging and nature walks to composting and gardening programs, to cooking and movement classes – we have something new to learn and explore here in York, PA! 

What’s Going on with the Farmhouse?

We are rebuilding! On the night of October 25th, lightning struck the Horn Farm Center’s historic farm house, destroying the 2nd and 3rd floors.  Since then, recovery and rebuilding efforts are underway.

To learn more about our plans, process, and timeline, please visit:


Horn Farm Center occupies the ancestral lands of the Susquehannock peoples. 

We are a partner of the Susquehanna Riverlands, a partnership of organizations working to protect, preserve, and steward the natural lands along the Lower Susquehanna River, emphasizing connectivity, eco-system health, and sustainable public access.