“And Then Lightning Struck…”

2021 Annual Report

2021 was a year of vision, hard work, challenges, and successes.

Take a look back and celebrate what we accomplished together:

None of our accomplishments could have been achieved without community, the backbone of our work. In the face of challenges, relationships continue to be our strength.

A special thanks to our generous donors.

The Horn Farm Center fosters learning through ecological land stewardship, experiential education, and community partnership.

We envision a world where people live in reciprocity with nature and our agricultural practices revive ecosystems and human well-being. We are creating community resilience through education and regenerative agriculture. 

Born out of the successful effort to save the farm from industrial development in 2000, the Horn Farm Center for Agricultural Education was established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation in 2004. The Horn Farm leases the property from York County. In 2016, two milestones were reached. First, a conservation easement was placed on the 186-acre property thus preserving the farm in perpetuity. Second, the term of the lease between the county and the Horn Farm Center was extended to 99 years. We are committed to restoring ecological health to both the fields and semi-wild spaces on the farm while providing nutritious food to our community. Our programs encourage others to learn to do the same.

The Horn Farm Center is a bio-regional hub for emergent discovery rooted in the land. We are supported by a community of dedicated volunteers, partner farmers, CSA members, community gardeners, program participants, local businesses, and long-time supporters.


Horn Farm Center occupies the ancestral lands of the Susquehannock peoples. We all live on indigenous land.