Horn Farm Center for Agricultural Education

We are creating a farming model based on soil health, biodiversity, and mutually beneficial relationships.
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Our Programs

Design Intensive Group PhotoClasses & Workshops: The Horn Farm Center offers classes and workshops year round on the following topics: Gardening/Farming, Cooking, Ecological Design, Foraging, and Wilderness Skills.

Community Gardens Terese

photo: Michelle Johnsen

Community Gardens: Over 100 20 x 20 foot plots are available to soil lovers and aspiring farmers for growing fresh, chemical-free food in the company of other enthusiastic and dedicated gardeners.

incubator farm

photo: Michelle Johnsen

Farm Business Incubator:  This project provides land, infrastructure, marketing resources, and farm business training for new farm businesses.

farm internship 3

photo: Michelle Johnsen

Regenerative Farming Training Program: This program is designed for those interested in exploring a future in small-scale vegetable production and agroforestry systems as well as anyone interested in learning growing skills for the purpose of homesteading, gardening, and feeding themselves and their community.

beekeeping-1Beekeeper Training: Through the course of this two year program, participants work side by side with experienced beekeepers to learn all aspects of keeping bees.

woodland interns 2018Woodland Steward Training: This program provides foundational knowledge and practical skills for those interested in learning how to manage wooded and semi-wild areas in ways that can meet human needs, improve biodiversity, restore woodland health, and regenerate degraded landscapes.

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