Q: How much food can I expect each week? 

A: A share will consist of around 10-15 different items per week. We like to make a generalization and say it will fulfill the vegetable needs of a family of four. CSA shares will also vary in size and content depending on the season. Obviously there are many variables at play so it really depends!

Q: What if I am unavailable one of the pick-up days or even weeks?  

A: If you are unable to pick-up your share we ask that you communicate your absence with us as soon as you know you won’t be able to pick up. Here are a few suggestions that have worked in the past:

  • Coordinate with friends and/or family (give them specific instructions on when, where, and how to pick-up),
  • Donate your share to Sprout of Hope (a non-profit farm that has 10 Community Garden plots here and various garden plots around the community – they donate all the produce they grow and collect to those less fortunate www.sproutofhope.org. We aim to donate every week depending on the harvest),
  • Or we can give you what would be close or equal to a double share the following week. 

Q: Is working the farm a voluntary or required obligation? 

A: We do not offer formal “working shares” at this moment. You can however volunteer as much as you want! We have an abundance of projects and tasks that you can read more about here https://hornfarmcenter.org/volunteer/

Q: Is this food from those gardens I see people working in as I drive by on Rt 30?  If not, then what are those gardens.

A: The garden plots you see on Rt 30 are the Horn Farm Community Garden. We offer about 100 20ft. x 20fts plots for rent to community members.

Q: Who grows food for the Horn Farm CSA?

A: The produce that is distributed through the Horn Farm CSA is grown on the west side of Horn Road by The Kilgore Family Farm and the Horn Farm Center staff and volunteers. The Horn Farm CSA productions fields are also the training ground for the Regenerative Farmer Training Program