Early Bird CSA Price, Farm Internship, and a History of Agriculture

Horn Farm Work Crew

The Horn Farm is joining together with Kilgore Family Farm to provide your fresh vegetables for 2017 with our CSA. Pick up at the Horn Farm or at Seventh & George just off route 30 in North York. Early bird discount through January 31st. More info and sign up here.

Our Farm Internship is a part-time, hands-on training program for people with 0 to 2 years of farm or gardening experience. The program provides foundational knowledge and practical skills for those interested in small-scale, intensive, organic, permaculture-based production methods. Applications are now being accepted.

What does totalitarianism have to do with farming? Come find out! Explore the history of agriculture: sign up for Totalitarian Agriculture and Traditions of the Axial Age on February 16th from 6 to 8.

Did you know that in addition to educational classes, community gardens, and a farm incubator, the Horn Farm Center is also home to white-tail deer, Eastern Coyote, red fox, gray fox, and wild turkeys? All the choices we make about caring for our land are rooted in re-establishing healthy habitat for all creatures.

As a not for profit organization, the Horn Farm Center relies on the generosity of people just like you. If you feel that the work we do at the Horn Farm is important to the well-being of our community, please donate today!