Transform Horn Farm Today for Give Local York

“Working on the land is where I truly feel alive and vibrant. Where the stresses and little irritations of the world disappear, and the peace and joy of doing something with meaning and purpose nourish my soul to its very core.”  

– Anthony Damiano, 2021 Land Steward Training Program Student 

The work that we do at the Horn Farm Center is transformative. Not just on the land, but in the minds and hearts of the people we serve. In the next 3 years, we will train over 150 new Land Stewards, equipping them with the skills that they need to bring healing and transformation to their own backyards and communities.

Training 150 land stewards is just one of several new strategic goals.

Following a year-long planning process and the devastating farmhouse fire in 2021, we are moving boldly towards a new vision for the organization. With our new vision, we will:

  • Grow and diversify the Horn Farm Center team 
  • Improve and expand facilities, building as sustainably as possible
  • Transition to perennial agroforestry systems inclusive of animals
  • Become completely carbon neutral by 2028
  • Train 150 new land stewards by 2025 
  • Cultivate a regenerative community of learners and practitioners 
  • Become a bio-regional destination for transformative experiences, ecological learning, and earth-focused skill-building
  • Expand our reach by 25% by 2024, establishing a unique brand, educational content, and communications plan
  • Foster an organizational culture rooted in relationships and values
  • Create regenerative organizational systems and increase capacity to support the organization’s growth and transformation

Our goals are ambitious, especially as we navigate the challenges of rebuilding. But we know that, together with your support, we can accomplish all of these goals and more.

You can make a difference! Please consider donating to the Horn Farm Center. 

The excitement starts at 12:01am on May 6, 2022 online with Give Local York. We will accept donations throughout the day until midnight on the Horn Farm Center’s Give Local York page.

Thanks to two generous donors, 7group and a Horn Farm Center Board Member, contributions on May 6th will be matched 100% up to $10,000 – that means your donation will go twice as far. 

Join our efforts to Transform Horn Farm by contributing financially to the Horn Farm Center for Give Local York.

2022 marks the start of a new beginning. Help us achieve our goals. Help us Transform Horn Farm!

Transform & Rebuild Match from 7group

Thanks to our friends at 7group, every dollar donated towards achieving our goals to Transform Horn Farm will be matched 100% up to $5000 to support our rebuilding efforts.

This match from 7group from 12:01am EST through 1:00pm EST on May 6, 2022.

Make a difference by supporting the Horn Farm Center. Click here to learn more about Give Local York.

Transform & Go Solar Match by a Horn Farm Center Board Member

From 1:00pm-midnight all donations will be matched 100% to up to $5,000 by a Horn Farm Center Board Member. For every dollar donated during this timeframe to support the Horn Farm Center’s strategic goals, our matching board member will support solar energy upgrades on the farm. 

We will be accepting donations throughout the day on the Give Local York platform. If you plan to give the Horn Farm this spring, please consider giving on May 6th!