Horn Farm Happenings – April 10, 2020

image courtesy of Mark Loucks

We want to thank you, our beloved Horn Farm community, for all of your patience and extra support that you’ve given to us in the past few weeks. Having to cancel our on farm events for the foreseeable future has been heartbreaking and disorienting–both for us and all of our enthusiastic program participants. Cancelling our programs is also a financial setback, so it was doubly gratifying to have so many of you choose to donate all or part of your program fees for cancelled programs so that we could continue to operate. Thank you! Donors like you make this place and the work we all do here possible.

Our work as land stewards, farmers and gardeners is more important than ever. The fragility of the systems we depend on to meet our basic needs has been exposed. At the Horn Farm Center we continue to prioritize growing food and medicine for ourselves and our community while teaching others to do the same. We see this work becoming more and more important as record numbers of people are starting seeds, starting gardens, and relearning how to do things for ourselves.

We’ve known for a long time that these days would arrive. Once we turned away from living in partnership with the land 4000 years or so (depending on how you count) we shifted from being in a mutually beneficial relationship with the places we lived to one of taking without giving in return. Those days are ending. We see our day-to-day worlds getting geographically smaller, while growing in meaning, friendships, and joy.

In these rapidly changing times, we all need to grow more of our own food (and to support our local farmers!) That’s why we know that changing the plant sale so that you can still get the plants you need is important. We won’t be holding the plant sale the way we have in previous years. This year all sales will happen online before the sale. You can order now through Saturday, April 25. We will spend the days following the 25th packing your orders and will have them ready for pick up on Thursday, April 30 and Friday, May 1. We’ll be organizing the pick up times by last name. More details to come. We will reopen the store the first week of May if we have plants left to sell.

We restocked some plants in the store this week, so even if you already placed an order, you might want to check back in. If you have multiple orders, we will combine them before you pick up.


Currently, we have one more online class scheduled, and we are working on offering you more. If there are any topics in particular that you would like to see, please let us know!! On April 18 you can learn about Garden Design for Water Management remotely via Zoom.

Though we can’t meet at the farm for now, please reach out to us via email, phone, Facebook, or Instagram

Through April 25 – Plant Sale Pre-Sales
June 2 – Horn Farm CSA

We still have a few vegetable CSA shares available: https://hornfarmcenter.org/csa/
Horn Farm is also a pick up location for meat, egg, and mushroom shares from Rising Locust Farm. Rising Locust also has pickup locations in Manheim and Lancaster.
For chicken and other meats Mirror Image Farms has pick up locations in Millersville, Bainbridge, and Lancaster. 

Online classes:
April 18 – Garden Design for Water Management