Horn Farm Happenings – December 13, 2019

Many people first come to the farm because they are curious about foraging for wild food.

Foraging-intensiveWe’ve repeatedly seen how remembering that food comes from the land rekindles a sacred relationship between human beings and the land they inhabit.

Our programs provide an experience of connection to the land and water on which we depend. Food doesn’t come from a grocery store; it comes via the process of photosynthesis which combines sunlight, air, water, and soil to produce plants. Plants and the other animals that eat plants provide us with food, clothing, and shelter. Many people have forgotten this.

Like Dennis, a participant in this year’s foraging intensive series said, “your class is helping me to change my views and my approach at a rate that exceeds my expectations…Even more importantly for me, the course you are teaching has served as a conduit for increased exploration that had been dormant in me since childhood…Thank you!

In 2019, over 2500 people visited the farm at least once, whether for a class or workshop, as a community gardener, to volunteer on the farm, or to attend the Pawpaw Festival or Heirloom Plant Sale. We are helping people to remember their connection to the land and to each other. We expect to be of even greater service to our community in 2020! Please join me in supporting this work by making a financial gift to the Horn Farm today! Donate securely online or send your check to: Horn Farm Center, 4945 Horn Road, York, PA 17406.

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Executive Director

Upcoming events:
December 14 – Foraging: Winter Offerings
January 4 – The Living Landscape
February 1 – The Living Landscape
February 29 – Native Plants for Winter Interest and Wildlife
March 7 – The Living Landscape
March 14 – Green Mulch: Native Plants as Groundcovers
March 28 – Stormwater Management 101 for Homeowners
Custom Classes & Workshops
2020 Regenerative Farming Training Program

See you at the farm!