Horn Farm Happenings – December 14

tree planting dayWe planted 470 more trees this week as we wrapped up the first phase of our six-acre stream corridor planting. More than 1000 more trees and shrubs have been ordered and will be planted in the spring. If planting all of those trees weren’t exciting enough, we were thrilled to learn this week that the Horn Farm Center will receive $191,600 over the next three years to plant an additional 20 acres of riparian buffer at the farm! Here is the official press release: Wolf Administration Invests in Income-Producing Stream Buffer Projects to Benefit Local Economy, Water Quality

photo: Michelle Johnsen

photo: Michelle Johnsen

Through our Regenerative Farming Internship we are educating skilled land stewards who, by restoring ecological balance to our place on the earth, are better able to feed our community. This is a part-time, hands-on training program for people with 0 to 2 years of farm or gardening experience. The program provides foundational knowledge and practical skills for those interested in small-scale, regenerative farming and permaculture-based production methods. This program will be valuable and suitable for anyone interested in exploring a future in small-scale vegetable production as well as anyone interested in learning growing skills for the purpose of homesteading, gardening, and feeding themselves and their community. Class size is limited. Find out more!

What is regenerative agriculture? In week 12 of this 12 part series, we’ll consider this indicator of an ecologically healthy farm system: increasing resilience to external circumstances. Examples include building small ponds and check dams to keep water and soil on the farm during flooding rain and to provide water during drought periods, planting perennials in addition to annual crops as the deeper root systems of perennial plants allows them to endure weather extremes, saving seed from plants that have shown to be particularly well suited to growing on this farm. In addition, cross training our staff and volunteers to be able to step in to accomplish jobs or tasks allows us more operating flexibility. Thanks for following this 12 part series and look for even more good information about regenerative agriculture in 2019!

Upcoming events:
Horn Farm Holiday Break – Limited staffing at the farm from December 20 through January 1. Please be patient if you contact us during this time. We will be back at work on January 2 refreshed and ready for 2019! Happy Holidays!

2019 Regenerative Farming Internship
2019 Foraging Intensive

February 9 – Introduction to Lacto-Fermentation
March 23 – Wilderness Skills: The Art of Seeing & Nature Observation
March 30 – Wilderness Skills: Shelter Building & Finding Water
April 13 – Wilderness Skills: Ancient Art of Fire by Friction
April 20 – Wilderness Skills: Foraging, Hunting & Trapping
April 27 – Wilderness Skills: Advanced Primitive Hunting Techniques

See you at the farm!