Horn Farm Happenings – In Reciprocity

We envision a world where people live in reciprocity with nature, and our agricultural practices revive ecosystems and human well-being.”

– HFC Vision Statement

Reciprocity is the practice of mutual exchange. This principle is essential to our work. In everything we do, we seek to give as much—and more—than we take.

Giving to the land isn’t easy. It takes patience, knowledge, optimism, resources, and above all, incredibly strenuous work. The same goes for our efforts to extend our giving outward: to grow regeneratively while educating others.

So, why do we continue to do what we do?

We give to the land because the land gives generously to us. Our food, clothes, fuel, and fiber. The soil under our feet and even the air we breathe. All these gifts make our lives possible.

So, we give back. Just as you do.

In fact, your contributions go far beyond reciprocity. Your giving is a great multiplier.

Every dollar is amplified through our stewardship practices to heal the land and each person we teach.  

In this way, your giving strengthens our commitment to reciprocity: not just on the land, but in the food shared, the community nurtured, and the individuals inspired to fall in love with the earth.

With your help this year, we made incredible progress towards the strategic goals that underpin our vision.

Together we…

  • trained 20 new Land Stewards & Ecological Gardeners and served over 750 program participants;
  • planted 2 more acres of multifunctional riparian buffers that will protect our water, build our soils, and create wildlife habitat;
  • built a new outdoor classroom space that will serve hundreds of learners and future land stewards each year;  
  • grew our capacity to carry out our mission by hiring 3 new permanent staff and 2 seasonal land steward assistants;
  • are designing carbon neutral classroom and office spaces in the farmhouse that will decrease our operational costs and increase our capacity for educational programs next year.

Every time you give to the Horn Farm Center, you are giving back to the land, our community, and future generations.

Please consider making a financial contribution either by check or online: visit our website to donate.

Thank you for your commitment to our work and mission.


Alexis Campbell, Executive Director