Horn Farm Happenings – January 18, 2019

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Wilson Alvarez - Woodland Steward

Wilson Alvarez – Woodland Steward

This guy wants to teach YOU to transform degraded woodlands into healthy, biodiverse, productive habitats through hands-on, ecologically sound techniques. The Woodland Steward Training Program is a part-time program is designed for landowners, land stewards, activists, naturalists, and outdoor enthusiasts. No previous experience required. The program runs from April through October 2019. Topics covered include:

Forest ecology
Historical land uses and misuses
Land regeneration design and implementation
Disturbance-based forest management
Agroforestry system design, installation, and maintenance
Riparian buffer design, installation, and maintenance
Cultivating woodland plants
Invasive species management
Designing habitat for keystone species
Water movement
Use of hand tools
Tree and plant identification
Animal tracking
Insect identification
Data collection

For more information and an application, visit our website.

Upcoming events:

2019 Horn Farm Vegetable CSAEarly bird discount of $25 available until January 31st!
Betsy’s Flowers at the Farm Flower CSAYes, I want flowers! Early bird discount until January 31.
Regenerative Farming Internship
Woodland Steward Training Program

February 9 – Introduction to Lacto-Fermentation (waitlist)
March 23 – Wilderness Skills: The Art of Seeing & Nature Observation
March 30 – Wilderness Skills: Shelter Building & Finding Water
April 13 – Wilderness Skills: Ancient Art of Fire by Friction
April 20 – Wilderness Skills: Foraging, Hunting & Trapping
April 27 – Wilderness Skills: Advanced Primitive Hunting Techniques

See you at the farm!

Photo credits: Michelle Johnsen