Horn Farm Happenings – March 29, 2019

Do you love plants? Do you wish you could learn more about them? Or even to communicate with them? Then check out these two offerings: 2019 Herbal Intensive and Introduction to Plant Communication.

monarda and echinacea in palms

Photo: Michelle Johnsen

2019 Herbal Intensive
Plants and humans have always had a close relationship. Generations upon generations of humans have relied on the plant world for food, medicine, shelter, and much more. It is only recently that humans have grown separated from the natural world. We have forgotten what the plant world has to teach and to offer us. Luckily the plants are all around us, just waiting to be discovered again. This Herbal Intensive course is an invitation to do just that. It is an invitation to re-enter the world of plants and their medicinal uses, to regain the knowledge that was once shared by everyone and hopefully one day will be again.

During the course of this intensive, participants will spend one weekend each month to learn a hands on approach to herbalism. With a focus on doing and creating, students will participate in all aspects of plant use and medicine making, including gardening and growing the plants we will be using, foraging for wild varieties, understanding the body systems and plant families and how they interact, plant preparation, medicine making and medicine application. Click here to find out more!

bull thistle and sky

Introduction to Plant Communication
Humans have an innate ability to communicate with plants, though we have mostly forgotten how to do this. In this fun and informative workshop, we will begin to remember how to communicate with the plants as we once did intuitively. In addition, our presenter will facilitate a Music of the Plants concert. Experience the plants singing and interacting with us through the Music of the Plants device, the technology which turns the electric impulses of plants into music. You will surely have a memorable experience and will look at the plant kingdom in a different way. Find out more!

plant-saleLast week for pre-orders for plants and seed potatoes–now through April 4. You let us know which plants you want to buy and we will have your order packed and ready for you to pick up the day of the sale: May 4. (We didn’t get a photo for every plant, but if you click on the image, you’ll find a detailed description of each plant variety.) Visit the online farm stand to place your order today!

mike with pawpawsSave the date! The 2019 Pawpaw Festival takes place September 28 and 29.

Upcoming events:
March 30 – Monthly Foraging Walk
March 30 – Wilderness Skills: Shelter Building & Finding Water
April 13 – Wilderness Skills: Ancient Art of Fire by Friction
April 20 – Wilderness Skills: Foraging, Hunting & Trapping
April 27 – Wilderness Skills: Advanced Primitive Hunting Techniques
April 27 – Introduction to Lacto-Fermentation
April 27 – Foraging – Spring Greens
May 3 – Give Local York
May 4 – Heirloom Plant Sale
May 11 – MAEscapes Native Plant Sale
May 18 – Herbal Intensive
May 19 – Mushroom Cultivation
June 1 – Introduction to Plant Communication
June 22 – Cycle the Solstice
June 29 – Raising Insects for Food and Farm
July 23 – Introduction to Canning: Peach Jam
August 8 – Introduction to Canning: Tomato Sauce
August 20 – Roasted Vegetables
September 10 – Introduction to Canning: Applesauce
September 28/29 – Pawpaw Festival (new!)
October 12 – Bread: Rising to the Next Level

2019 Horn Farm Vegetable CSA
Betsy’s Flowers at the Farm Flower CSA
Hippy Homestead Gourmet Mushroom CSA
Rising Locust Farm Meat, Egg, Shiitake CSA
Regenerative Farming Internship
Woodland Steward Training Program
Herbal Intensive
Foraging Intensive

See you at the farm!