Horn Farm Happenings – May 24, 2019

bull thistle and skyHumans have an innate ability to communicate with plants, though we have mostly forgotten how to do this. On Saturday, June 1, join us for a fun and informative workshop: Introduction to Plant Communication, as we begin to remember how to communicate with the plants as we once intuitively did.

Plant communication enhances our well being, offers solutions, guides us on our soul’s path and helps us deepen our relationship with nature. When you attend this delightful workshop, you’ll learn:

The key to good communication with all beings
Plants are conscious beings who learn, have memory, and respond to their surroundings including our emotions
Humans and plants have a deep bond
Communicating with plants is a tool for our individual and collective evolution and healing
In addition, our presenter will facilitate a Music of the Plants concert. Experience the plants singing and interacting with us through the Music of the Plants device, the technology which turns the electric impulses of plants into music. You will surely have a memorable experience and will look at the plant kingdom in a different way.

Music of the Plants (or, MOTP) must be experienced in order to appreciate just how magical it is. Doing so will change the way you relate to your plants, trees, flowers, grass, and nature in general. This experience may possibly change your life forever! Space is limited  Register now!

Many people first visit the Horn Farm during our annual Pawpaw Festival (which will be held September 28 and 29 this year). This year we are planting lots of pawpaw trees as part of our agroforestry systems (agriculture that includes trees) and our stream corridor restoration projects.Image may contain: one or more people, grass, outdoor and nature

In order to increase the diversity of trees and shrubs found on the farm, we are also planting lots of Northern Catalpa, Black Locust, American Plum, Speckled Alder, Black Elderberry, American Sycamore, Honey Locust, Black Tupelo, River Birch, Black Cherry, Swamp White Oak, Sweet Gum, Osage Orange, Boxelder, Northern Hackberry, Red Mulberry, Washington Hawthorn, Eastern Redbud, Chickasaw Plum, Chokecherry, Silky Dogwood, Spicebush, Black Chokeberry, Grey Dogwood, Common Ninebark, American Hazelnut, and Witch Hazel. All of these trees used to be commonly found in our Pennsylvania woodlands. Today our landscapes are so simplified that many of us have never even seen these trees and shrubs. All of this to say, we have lots of trees to plant and we need your help!! For those of you with flexible morning schedules, we have set up two weekly volunteer events: Wednesday Woodland Workers and Thursday Woodland Workers from 8 to noon. If you can donate an hour or two or more, we’d love to have you join us! Let us know you plan to help by registering for the events: Wednesday Woodland Workers and Thursday Woodland Workers. Thanks!

Upcoming events:

May 26 – Seed to Table (Children’s Discovery Series)
May 28 – Tuesday Evening Farm Crew
May 29 – Wednesday Woodland Workers
May 30 – Thursday Woodland Workers
May 30 – Foraging – May Plant Walk
June 1 – Introduction to Plant Communication
June 4 – Tuesday Evening Farm Crew
June 5 – Wednesday Woodland Workers
June 6 – Thursday Woodland Workers
June 22 – Cycle the Solstice
June 29 – Foraging – June Plant Walk
June 29 – Raising Insects for Food and Farm
July 13 – Mushroom Cultivation
July 18 – Where the Wild Things Grow (Youth Program)
July 23 – Introduction to Canning: Peach Jam
July 29 to 31 – Building Backyard Habitats (Junior Naturalist Training)
July 29 to 31 – Building Community Habitats (Junior Naturalist Training)
August 8 – Introduction to Canning: Tomato Sauce
August 20 – Roasted Vegetables
September 10 – Introduction to Canning: Applesauce
September 28/29 – Pawpaw Festival
October 12 – Bread: Rising to the Next Level

2019 Horn Farm Vegetable CSA
Betsy’s Flowers at the Farm Flower CSA
Hippy Homestead Gourmet Mushroom CSA
Chicken CSA through Mirror Image Farms
Rising Locust Farm Meat, Egg, Shiitake CSA
Sentient Sisterhood Wild Foods & Medicine CSA
Regenerative Farming Internship
Woodland Steward Training Program
Herbal Intensive
Foraging Intensive

See you at the farm!