Horn Farm Happenings – November 1, 2019

It seems an appropriate activity to be harvesting the last of the ghost peppers on November 1, which is also known as All Souls’ Day,  the Day of the Dead, El Dia de los Muertos, or Samhain depending on the tradition. In any case, it is a day to remember and honor the ancestors, and our friends and relatives who have died. It also marks a time to celebrate the harvest season. Tonight’s frost will mark the end of a bountiful harvest of many things including the ghost peppers and habaneros we grew for a local hot sauce company, Old Grumpy Mark’s.

There are a few more opportunities to join us at the farm this season on November 9 Foraging: Roots,

and on December 14 Foraging: Winter Offerings

We hope to see you soon!

Upcoming Events:
November 2 – The Living Landscape
November 9 – Foraging: Roots
November 19 – Bread Baking
December 7 – The Living Landscape
December 14 – Foraging: Winter Offerings
Custom Classes & Workshops

See you at the farm!