Horn Farm Happenings – September 14

It’s hard to believe that there are only six weeks of the the farm internship left! This year we welcomed Josh, Kelsey, Kyle, and Laura to the farm as first-year interns. The farm internship is a part-time, hands-on training program for people with 0 to 2 years of farming or gardening experience. The program provides foundational knowledge and practical skills for those interested in small-scale, intensive, organic vegetable and regenerative agricultural methods.

The internship includes classroom instruction,Growing practices for a wide variety of vegetables and herbs,and harvesting and distributing produce through the Horn Farm CSA and local grocers and restaurants.And new this year our interns have participated in ecological restoration projects and have learned to build trails and plant trees, and learn methods for laying out agroforestry systems. The farm internship is valuable and suitable for anyone interested in exploring a future in farming as well as anyone interested in learning growing skills for the purpose of homesteading, gardening, and feeding themselves and their community. Check out the website or contact Jon Darby for more information. [photo credits: Michelle Johnsen]

cute cattle at water troughIn addition to offering a vegetable CSA, this year, beginning in June, we partnered with Rising Locust Farm to offer meat, eggs, and mushrooms for pick up at the farm.  They are offering fall CSA shares of beef, pork, and/or lamb as 3 monthly pickups of grass-fed meat from mid-October to mid-December. Contact Rising Locust for more information!

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Shares
Here is what we plan to include in this week’s CSA shares:
Cherry tomatoes
Swiss chard
Sweet Peppers
Hot peppers
Green beans

Upcoming events:
September 15  – Foraging: Field Walk
September 15 – Basketry, Coppicing, Netting
September 16 – Children’s Discovery Series: Seed to Table
September 18 – Tuesday Evening Farm Crew
September 22 – Hunting, Fishing, Trapping
September 22, 23 – Pawpaw Festival
September 25 – Tuesday Evening Farm Crew
September 29 – Primitive Butchering and Cooking
September 30 – Children’s Discovery Series: The Compassion Project
October 6, 7, 13, 14 – Bowmaking
October 7 – Children’s Discovery Series: Let’s Bee Friends
October 13 – Foraging: Wild Soup
October 14 – Harvest Festival & Annual Open House
October 16 – Bread Baking Basics
October 26 – Offal: Tongue, Brains, and More!
October 20, 21 – Wilderness Skills Overnight Immersion
November 17 – Bread Baking Full Day Workshop
November 17 – Foraging: Roots
December 8 – Foraging: Winter

See you at the farm!