Horn Farm Welcomes New Board Members

New Board members Wade Keech, Kristy Byrnes Baker, Kris Tebay

The Board of Directors of the Horn Farm Center for Agricultural Education is pleased to announce the appointment of three new board members. Each was appointed to a three-year term.

Kristin Byrnes Baker
returned to her hometown of York after living in North Carolina, Texas, and abroad. She is co-founder of CoWork155, a co-working site in downtown York and a works as a freelance grant writer. She holds a BS in Business Administration from Elon University. She is a volunteer at United Parish Soccer Club, St. Joseph School, YWCA, and an auxiliary for Children, Youth and Family Services. She had a community garden plot at the Horn Farm in the inaugural season. After that, she had a work share for several years at Sterling Farm, one of the first farms in the Horn Farm”s Incubator Farm Project. She is passionate about expanding her knowledge of restorative farming practices.

Kris Tebay has practiced as a registered landscape architect. In this capacity, she has been able to guide and influence natural and built environments as they were created, modified and/or restored. Her work has focused on institutional and campus communities, senior assisted care, urban redevelopment, and private residential design. Areas of current interest include food source availability for wildlife biodiversity, soil science, invasive species management, and riparian geomorphology restoration.Kris resides in Hellam Township with two teenage sons and her husband, Jeff, a retired soldier and historian. She has been an active member of the Hellam Township Environmental Advisory Council since 2013. Prior to coming to York, Kris volunteered with several urban community organizations, facilitating park, playground and streetscape planning, grant applications and implementation. A lifelong visual artist, Kris is comfortable in various illustration mediums and digital design programs. She often uses visual tools to portray ideas, convey information and explore beauty.
Personal interests include visiting local nurseries, gardening, kayaking and playing outdoors–often with Irish Jack Russells in tow. As the parent of a young traumatic brain injury survivor, there is also an ongoing exploration of adaptive sports and employment, rehabilitation and living opportunities for disabled young adults.

Wade Keech was raised on a farm in Adams County. His childhood experiences lead to his love of the land.He has a B.S. degree in chemistry from Millersville University and a MBA in Sustainable Business Systems from Pinchot University. He served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ghana and lived in West Africa for almost seven years. These cross cultural experiences deepened his appreciation for the simple life. He fulfilled a childhood dream by hiking the entire Appalachian Trail. This wilderness immersion led to hiking the entire Pacific Crest Trail and Continental Divide Trail.