Many Hands Make Light Work

This morning as I went through the albums of archived photos, flyers, and news clippings (compiled by a volunteer) I was overcome with feelings of gratitude for the amazing people who have volunteered their time, money, and love for the Horn Farm for over 16 years.  In 2000, in response to plans to rezone the property as industrial, citizens circulated a petition that in two weeks received 2300 signatures of people who wanted the farm remain in agriculture. It has, and it will long after we are all gone thanks to the vision of the current County Board of Commissioners who recently voted both to place a conservation easement on the property thus preserving these 186 acres forever as farmland, and also to recognize the successes and viability of the Horn Farm Center for Agricultural Education by extending our lease of this land from the County to 99 years.

What prompted me to go through albums of photos this morning was my search for a ‘before’ photo to go with these photos which hint at all of the work being done by people who continue to shower their time, money, and love for the Horn Farm in their work to convert the 1800s summer kitchen into a certified kitchen where we will be able to offer our beginning farmers a place to process fresh produce into sauces, jams, and pickles as well as a place hold classes, workshops, and celebrations as we continue to find ways to connect our community to local food. The celebration of the completion of renovations is scheduled to happen at our Summer Solstice celebration on June 20.

When I accepted this position I hold as Executive Director not quite one year ago, I knew intellectually that an enormous honor had been bestowed upon me. Now I understand with both my head and my heart how many people have made it possible for me to do my work here, today.  I look forward to continuing our work together as we make way for those who have yet to come.

Thank you for all that you do!



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