Fall on the Farm: Volunteer Thursdays

Eager to get outside and get your hands dirty before the winter months set in? Join Field Manager Andrew Horn for some time on the farm! Every Thursday from 10am-6pm, Andrew will be a holding a volunteer field day on the farm. We will spend some time getting to know each other, discussing what’s happening in the fields and on the farm, plus there will be opportunities to help with the end-of-season activities on the farm.

Join us for a two hour shift or however much time works for you! Depending on the week, we may have projects with which children could help. If you plan to bring a child younger than 12, please contact Andrew in advance, at fieldmanager@hornfarmcenter.org, to make sure we will be able to provide a positive experience for you and your child(ren). Thanks!

The event is free, but pre-registration is requested so that we know to expect you.

Some of our end-of-season fall farm activities include:

  • Harvesting Sweet Potatoes
  • Prepping Garlic Beds
  • Planting Garlic Beds
  • Clearing, Composting, Forking, Mulching BioIntensive Beds
  • Clearing, Composting, Forking, Mulching Annual Growing Beds
  • Mulching around Perennial Trees
  • Removing all Ground Pack and Irrigation Lines

Sign Up for Volunteer Thursdays at the Farm: