Backyard Composting

In partnership with the York County Solid Waste Authority, The GIANT Company, and Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful,  the Horn Farm Center is offering “Backyard Composting” a comprehensive, skill-building workshop that emphasizes affordability and simplicity. Each participant, no matter their level of knowledge or experience, will leave with the understanding and confidence to start producing their own compost at home. This is a hands-on workshop and will include plenty of time during the process to ask as many questions as necessary.

compost bin in farm field

The class will first choose a site for a new compost pile and construct a bin. The low-cost bin utilizes welded wire fencing that creates a 3×3 cylinder. Participants will add leaves and kitchen scraps (and/or whatever materials are readily available and appropriate) in layers just as they would at home. Participants will also get the chance to turn/mix/flip a pile that is pre-existing and see an active pile that is late in the decompositional process. We will discuss ways in which we can utilize our finished compost, vermicomposting, mulching methods, and grasscycling or ways to reduce yard waste.

Each participant will leave with their own 12 foot roll of welded wire that can be set up and utilized immediately, a composting brochure that highlights details that were covered in the class, and hopefully an appreciation for the natural process we call decomposition.

Dates and Times

This workshop will be held multiple times (listed below). The material covered is the same in each class.

About the Instructor

Backyard Composting is led by Horn Farm Center Farm Manager, Andrew Horn.

Backyard Compost Workshop Offerings:

This program is funded by Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful’s Healing the Planet Grant Program with support from The GIANT Company. This program is also funded and hosted in partnership by the York County Solid Waste Authority. 

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