Horn Farm Happenings – December 15

mulched garlic bed
Field clean up is finished. The barns are organized. The garlic is planted and mulched. Allium Leaf Miner can be a problem on the farm in the garlic, onions, and scallions. We can address this by understanding the insect’s life cycle. The adults emerge from March to May, so we’re planning to protect the garlic with row cover for that period. Remembering that the ground may not yet have thawed in March, Field Manager Andrew placed the hoops before the ground froze. Speaking of ground reminds os of soil! Do you know the connection between soil health and the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? Check out this publication on Soil Carbon Basics (the layout is a bit wonky as it is meant to be printed and folded as a brochure; read the right-hand column on page one, then page two, then go back to the left-hand and center columns on the first page).

Upcoming programs and events:
Farming Internship
Horn Farm CSA (early bird discount through January 31)
Betsy’s Flower CSA (early bird discount through January 31)
Bread Baking (Bread Baking Basics, Bread Baking 201, Bread Baking Full Day Workshop)

It’s time to take a break–to rest and reflect on the year. Starting December 16, we will be taking time off to celebrate the holidays. We’ll be back in January refreshed and ready to plunge into 2018. If you want to support the work we do, please take a moment to make a financial donation. Thank you!

Horn Farm in DecemberHappy Holidays! We look forward to seeing you at the Farm!