Horn Farm Happenings – December 8

Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow. The farm is ready to rest. The garlic is planted and mulched. We’ll harvest this garlic around July 4th then hang the garlic to cure in the corn barn. Then we will share the garlic with our CSA members. Interested in being part of our CSA in 2018? Our Community Supported Agriculture program offers you a weekly or biweekly share of produce grown here at the Horn Farm. Early bird discount is available through January 31, 2018. And yes! Gift shares are available! More information here: Horn Farm CSA.

In 2018, we will welcome a new farmer to the farm business incubator. Betsy Dorbian will be growing flowers for local florists as well as a for a Cut Flower CSA.Betsy is offering an early bird discount through January 31 as well. Pick up locations include the Horn Farm as well as locations in Harrisburg and Lemoyne. Click here for more information about Betsy’s Flowers at the Farm.







People often wonder why we leave dead plants standing over the winter. This photo shows a Praying Mantis egg case on a dried plant stalk. The eggs will hatch in the spring just in time for these beneficial insects to start munching on the creatures that eat our lovely vegetables. When we provide places for helpful creatures to spend the winter, we are rewarded when the growing season arrives.

In addition to our insect friends, we rely on people like you to keep the Horn Farm Center running. Our volunteers and donors are the ones who make our work possible. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to the Horn Farm today! Thank you!

See you at the Farm!