Horn Farm Happenings – February 03, 2023

Rebuilding at Horn Farm

Since the night of October 21, 2021, our team has been working hard, adapting to our new reality, revitalizing our programs, and planning for reconstruction. Over the past several months, HFC’s Rebuild Task Force has been digging deep into the design process with Murphy & Dittenhafer, Lewis Contractors, and 7group.

The schematic design phase is complete and we are nearing the close of design development. If our process stays on track, we will be ready to start construction on the farmhouse this spring!

The rebuild will feature a complete renovation of the interior—including a large classroom downstairs and office spaces upstairs to carry out our mission. We will use simple, natural materials secured from local sources. In addition to preserving the historic character of the exterior, we will rebuild the farmhouse with the highest levels of energy efficiency inside and offset all of the building’s energy use with a powerful solar generation system.

Our timeline and design activities are:

  • October 2022 – December 2022 (6 weeks) – schematic design (completed)
  • January 2023-February 2023 (4 weeks) – design development and early cost estimation
  • February 2023 – March 2023 (6 weeks) – development of construction documents
  • April 2023 (3 weeks) – bidding and pricing

As the project ramps up and we get closer to the reality of rebuilding, we will continue to share our progress with you. We set up a new webpage just for that purpose!

You can find more information at rebuildhornfarm.com

Ecological Core Immersion

Are you interested in expanding your ecological knowledge? 

Join us for a holistic primer on ecology, reciprocity, and preparing ourselves to be lifelong stewards of the natural world. The Ecological Core Immersion is a stand-alone 4-week course that is part of our 16-week spring training programs!

Topics include (and are not limited to):

  • Basic ecology and natural cycles.
  • Historical land uses and misuses.
  • Considerations for regenerative land design.
  • Disturbance-based land management.
  • Physical movement training for field and forest work.

Join us for the Horn Farm Center’s unique Ecological Core Immersion series starting on Monday, February 13th 8am-4pm.

Click here to learn more and register. 

What Learning Adventures Do You Want to Explore at Horn Farm?

As we look to expand and diversify our programs this year, we want your input! Let us know what kinds of classes or workshops you’d like to see in the future at the Horn Farm. Give us your input by taking a short, 3-5 minute survey.

Click here to give us your feedback!

community-gardens 2019

Gardening in Community 

Registration for Horn Farm Center’s Community Garden Plots are now open!

One of our oldest programs, the Community Gardens at the Horn Farm Center offer local growers the opportunity to cultivate fresh, chemical-free food on prime farmland in the company of other enthusiastic and dedicated gardeners.

Garden plots are rented annually from April 1st through October 31. Each plot measures approximately 20 x 20 feet. Plots are assigned on a “First Come, First Served” basis.

Click here to Register.

Rooting & Listening

Let this Black History Month be a reminder of that powerful pairing of actions. In rooting and listening, we begin not only to heal our relationship with nature, but to uproot racism in our communities.

We’re gratefully humbled and inspired by the leading-edge land stewardship spearheaded by Black leaders across the country: folks reviving broken ecosystems, rebuilding biodiversity, and reclaiming traditions and foodways based in caretaking relationship with the land. Rooted in our own vision of helping land thrive in community, we listen to their stories with reverence and resolve while reflecting on how we can better deliver on the whole force of our mission.

This weekend, take some time to check out this recent article on the Shelterwood Collective and other BIPOC-led environmental orgs. We also invite you to check out and support local and regional black-led environmental organizations and businesses, including Discerning Eye Community AgricultureThe Bridge Eco-Village, and Backyard Basecamp.

“A big piece of what we’re trying to do here stems from the perspective that ecosystems are not healthy unless human communities are thoroughly woven into their fabric. It’s about nurturing a community of land tenders who are learning to be in relationship with one another, with themselves, and with the land around them.” – Nikola Alexandre, Shelterwood Co-creator

More Bread Baking Classes!

Back by popular dough-mand, we’re hosting another beginner bread baking workshop in the Horn Farm Summer Kitchen!

Don’t miss your chance to try your hand at simple-yet-versatile white and wheat breads. Thursday, February 16th from 6 to 8pm, we’ll explore the ingredients and practice rustic techniques for home baking that nourishes the body and spirit while acting gently on the land.

Spaces are limited on account of the size of our Summer Kitchen, so reserve yours today!

Click here for Bread Baking Classes