Horn Farm Happenings – July 19, 2019

[photo credit: https://localcloth.wildapricot.org]

Eco-printing is a method of bundling leaves and other plants in fabric, and steaming the bundle to print their natural pigments onto the fabric. On August 11, join us for a creative adventure at the Horn Farm Center. We’ll walk around the farm and find plants to transfer to a silk scarf that you can enjoy wearing. Share with your friends that you made it yourself! Make it a fun outing with friends, bring snacks and a beverage of your choice. Register early, class size is limited to 10. Silk Scarf Eco-Printing

Join us on July 27 as we demystify pickle making – it’s more than just cucumbers! pickled-cucumbers

Short on time but long on harvest? Learn how simple it is to preserve your bountiful haul with quick pickles. We’ll create two different brines and then explore the various homegrown items you can pickle and the many delicious and unusual uses for quick pickles. They’re not just for sandwiches. We’ll also discuss knife skills and you’ll get to put them to work. Quick Pickling!

peach jam in jarsLearn the basics of water bath canning, including what makes a safe canning environment, what foods can be safely canned, and the basic equipment needed. Put this information into practice through the hands-on making of peach jam during the workshop on July 23. Each participant will leave with a half pint of peach jam made during the session! Space is limited, register today!

produce on farm standKilgore Family Farm is offering farm stand sales in our corn barn on Tuesdays from 1-7 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. If you’re coming to pick up your Horn Farm CSA on Tuesdays or have weekend cooking plans, it’s a great chance to pick up a few extras!

Upcoming events:

July 23 – Introduction to Canning: Peach Jam
July 27 – Quick Pickling
July 30 – Tuesday Evening Farm Crew
August 8 – Introduction to Canning: Tomato Sauce
August 10 – The Ayurvedic Kitchen
August 11 – Botanical Eco-Printing
August 20 – Roasted Vegetables
September 7 – The Ayurvedic Kitchen
September 10 – Introduction to Canning: Applesauce
September 28/29 – Pawpaw Festival
October 12 – Bread: Rising to the Next Level
October 15 – Woodland Steward Training Program

See you at the farm!