Horn Farm Happenings – March 6, 2020

In partnership with the York County Solid Waste Authority, we are offering a Backyard Composting workshop that emphasizes affordability and simplicity. Each participant, no matter their level of knowledge or experience, will leave with the understanding and confidence to start producing their own compost at home. compost bin in farm field

This class will be held three different times.  The material covered is the same in all three classes.  To register, select the date that works best for you:
Saturday, April 18, 2020  9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Saturday, May 2, 2020  10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Saturday, May 16, 2020  9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

erosion due to agricultural swales

We are continuing the repair work in this space. (See last week’s newsletter for details.) To date we have invested 105 person hours to the project and have spent no money. All of the materials are available on site.headcut repair 1 Essentially what we are doing is leveling the area to reduce the slope then reinforcing the base and sides with logs and rocks so that water flows more gently and does not carry away more soil. When we are finished bolstering the area, we will add fast growing live stakes (unrooted cuttings) of willow whose roots will help knit the area back together.

Though this section will be better protected, we still have lots of work to do! If you’re interested in this type of work, consider contacting us about volunteering, or, if you’re interested in an in-depth exploration of the what, why, and how of restoring damaged ecosystems, consider the Woodland Steward Training.

Learn to transform degraded woodlands into healthy, biodiverse, productive habitats through hands-on, ecologically sound techniques. This part-time program is equally suited for the professional and the layperson, for landowners and land stewards, activists, naturalists, and outdoor enthusiasts. No previous experience required. Next session begins April 27.

As promised, we are offering you the chance to pre-order your seedlings in March for pick up at the Heirloom Plant Sale on May 2. seedlings ready for the heirloom plant sale

Upcoming events:
March 1 to 31 – Plant Sale Pre-Sales
March 2 – 2020 Regenerative Farming Training Program
March 7 – The Living Landscape
March 14 – Green Mulch: Native Plants as Groundcovers
March 21 – Home Vinegar Making
March 28 – Stormwater Management 101 for Homeowners
March 28 – Foraging Intensive
March 28 – WIldlands – Primitive Skills: The Art of Seeing and the Art of Observation
April 1 – Community Gardens open (weather permitting)
April 4 – Exploring the Inner Landscape
April 11 – Community Gardens Orientation Day
April 11 – Wildlands – Primitive Skills: Shelter Building and Finding Water
April 18 – Backyard Composting
April 25 – Wildlands – Primitive Skills: The Ancient Art of Fire by Friction
April 27 – Woodland Steward Training Program
May 2 – Backyard Composting
May 2 – 2020 Heirloom Plant Sale
May 9 – MAEscapes Native Plant Sale
May 9 – Wildlands – Primitive Skills: Foraging, Hunting, Trapping
May 16 – Backyard Composting
May 23 – Wildlands – Primitive Skills: Advanced Primitive Hunting Techniques
May 24 – Children’s Nature Exploration
June 2 – Horn Farm CSA
June 7 –  Children’s What’s Your Impact
June 14 – Children’s Healing Plants
June 28 – Children’s Seed to Table

Custom Classes & Workshops

See you at the farm!