Horn Farm Happenings – May 11

Not sure what a CSA is? Our Field Manager, Andrew Horn, explains:

Anyone who isn’t exactly sure what “CSA” means, Allow me to explain the best I can…CSA = Community Supported Agriculture. A CSA program is more than just exchanging $$$ for produce. When you purchase a “share” you are making an investment in what you believe to be a worthy organization.
The small scale, local farmers benefit from the income the CSA generates early in the season and are able to plan accordingly and adhere to the budget more effectively.
Of course, a planting/harvest plan must be flexible due to the unpredictability of weather, pests (insects/animals), and unexpected (but almost guaranteed) crop loss. There are, however, situations where certain crops flourish and provide more than expected. Shares are then adjusted accordingly. With a share purchased at the Horn Farm you are guaranteed a weekly share that has a $25-$30 value. (Sometimes more if you take advantage of the 2nds and extras!)
A relationship is then built based on your invested interest and the farms commitment to provide fresh, nutritious, chemical free produce. We send a weekly “What’s in your CSA” newsletter to inform members what delicious veggies they can expect and often times recipes or methods of preparation/preservation. As the Field Manager, I will be present on as many pickup days throughout the season as possible. Happy to answer any questions that folks may have.

We have five CSAs at the Horn Farm in 2018. Our Vegetable CSA, Betsy’s Flowers at the Farm Cut Flower CSA., and, new for 2018, we are partnering with Rising Locust Farm to serve as a drop off location for their Egg CSAPork CSA, and Mushroom CSA.

Andrew Horn Field ManagerAfter college Andrew worked at various jobs. He was looking for work that felt meaningful and was useful to his community. His search led him to New Zealand where he spent six months working on organic farms. When he returned, he completed the Farming Internship at the Horn Farm Center. Last season Andrew was hired to grow food for our CSA shareholders. This year Andrew is showing this year’s crop of beginning farmers what he knows about growing food in ways which protect the health of the soil. Andrew has found the work for which he’d been searching: regenerative agriculture is both meaningful to him and useful to our community.

When a job trainer at a local high school found out about the Woodland Restoration Project at the Horn Farm Center, he arranged to bring a group of high school seniors to work in the woods each week as part of their vocational training experiences. When the students first came to the Horn Farm they acted withdrawn and unenthusiastic and were reluctant to participate. As they learned about the ecology of the forest and how to restore it with proper use of simple hand tools, both they and the woodland were transformed. For example, one student named Jerry now reads the landscape and decides where the next stretch of trail should go. His confidence in his own abilities has soared and he eagerly welcomes and trains new volunteers. Now when he speaks of his work at the Horn Farm he bubbles with pride. He can hardly wait to bring his family to see the results of his labor.

Food for our community. New farmers.

Meaningful work. Ecological restoration.

Skill building. Confidence building.

Community building.

We need your continued support! More than half of our annual budget of $233,000 comes from donors like you. Please give generously. Thank you!

Upcoming events:
May 13 – MAEscapes Native Plant Sale
May 15 – Tuesday Evening Work Crew (begins)
May 17 – Monthly Foraging
May 19 – Insect Identification and Management
June 2 – Introduction to Permaculture
June 16 – Monthly Farm Tour – Third Saturday
June 16 – Introduction to Plant Communication
June 23 – Cycle the Solstice
June 24 – Insect Identification
June 30 – Monthly Foraging
July 14, 15, 28, 29 – Bowmaking
July 26 – Preserving Herbs
July 31 – Knife Skills for the Home Cook
August 21 – Seasonal Eat & Meet

See you at the farm!