Horn Farm Happenings – May 25

Education can send ripples of positive change through the community. When a job trainer at a local high school found out about the Woodland Restoration Project at the Horn Farm Center, he arranged to bring a group of high school students to work in the woods each week as part of their vocational training experiences. When the students first came to the Horn Farm they acted withdrawn and unenthusiastic and were reluctant to participate. As they learned about the ecology of the forest and how to restore it with proper use of simple hand tools, both they and the woodland were transformed. On Wednesday these students got to share the project with their classmates and teachers. reading the landscapeJared explained how to read the landscape and how best to build the next stretch of trail. how to build a bridgeMichael explained how they built steps and bridges using materials they found in the woods.

By working with the land, they have moved into relationship with this particular place. Their connection to the land has spread into care and concern for other places. One of the teachers shared that more than once she has seen these kids intervene where their peers are needlessly breaking branches of trees or kicking plants. This is why we do the work we do at the Horn Farm Center: to restore the mutually beneficial relationships between human beings and the Earth.choosing plants to take homeBefore leaving for the day, everyone got to choose a plant from our table of seedlings. It was delightful to watch teenagers carefully deciding whether to choose a tomato, sweet pepper, hot pepper or herb to take home.

This reconnection to the land is powerful for adults as well. On Wednesday, eight UNFI sales people spent a day volunteering at the Horn Farm Center. Some pulled thistle, some dug sunchokes, and some extended the trail in the woods. This work was very different than the typical sales persons’ tasks. UNFI building the trailIn fact, one man in his mid-50s had his first experience working in the woods. City born and raised, this was a completely new experience for him. To his complete surprise, he loved it! He said working with hand tools to build a trail was satisfying in such a different way than making a sale by making a phone call. Being able to see the tangible results of his efforts meant a lot to him. Volunteering at the Horn Farm Center helps people discover new things about themselves and the land while helping us accomplish our mission. If your group is interested in participating in our work, please contact us at (717) 757-6441 or info@hornfarmcenter.org! No time to volunteer? Please support us financially by donating today!

Upcoming Events:

May 29 – Tuesday Evening Work Crew
June 2 – Introduction to Permaculture
June 5 – Tuesday Evening Work Crew
June 12 – Tuesday Evening Work Crew
June 16 – Monthly Farm Tour – Third Saturday
June 16 – Introduction to Plant Communication
June 19 – Tuesday Evening Work Crew
June 23 – Cycle the Solstice
June 24 – Insect Identification
June 26 – Tuesday Evening Work Crew
June 30 – Monthly Foraging
July 14, 15, 28, 29 – Bowmaking
July 26 – Preserving Herbs
July 31 – Knife Skills for the Home Cook
August 21 – Seasonal Eat & Meet

See you at the farm!