Horn Farm Happenings – October 1, 2021

The Final Push: 4,000 Trees to Go!

Things have finally cooled down at the Horn Farm Center – the 2021 Pawpaw Festival was a huge success (details below) and the fall season has brought us relief from the sweltering heat (and relentless rains) of summer. The shift in temperatures signals a change in activities on the farm, not only in the fields as we focus on the fall harvest and preparing for winter, but also in our perennial spaces.

We began this year with a lofty goal – to plant 10,000 trees and establish a 6 acre riparian buffer by the end of the year. After planting over 6,000 trees, we had the unique opportunity during Hurricane Ida to see firsthand how our distinctive design and high-density plantings will work to trap sediment, absorb storm water, and ultimately mitigate the effects of volatile climate conditions in the future. Farm Manager, Andrew Horn, captured this video.

This project is funded by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, PennVest, The GIANT Company and Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful’s Healing the Planet grant program. This project is also supported by the Keystone 10 Million Tree Partnership and over 100 volunteers who came out to the farm to plant trees this spring.

With assurance in our project plan and the support of our community, we are eager to get back to work and finish what we started. Will you join us? We are kicking off a month of tree planting, starting this coming Monday, October 4, 2021 from 12pm-3pm. There will be plenty of opportunities to get involved – we will be planting throughout October. Help us reach our goal – 10,000 trees or bust!

Click here to register to volunteer.

Yellow Cherry Tomato Peach Salsa: Recipe by Mary Hall

Are you still harvesting late season tomatoes from your garden? Our friend Mary Hall purchased a number of tomato plants from the Horn Farm Center Plant Sale this spring.  Recently, she sent us an update and a delicious salsa recipe using her yellow cherry tomatoes!

“Every year, I purchase plants during the Horn Farm Plant Sale, and this past year, one of the plants I ordered were yellow cherry tomatoes.  The plant has been fruiting like crazy and I’ve been picking about every three days, enough to make a delicious fresh tomato peach salsa. The tomatoes have the sweetness of a typical cherry tomato and aren’t very acidic, which helps with those who may get heartburn or canker sores from tomatoes.

Today, when I made a batch of fresh salsa, I realized almost everything I used had been or could have been purchased via the Horn Farm Center Plant Sale! Feel free to share the recipe, although I don’t measure–I just throw it into the food processor and pulse until semi-chunky. This is pretty mild and excellent with chips or on a taco.” – Mary Hall

Mary’s Yellow Cherry Tomato Peach Salsa Recipe

– Yellow cherry tomatoes, plus some other tomatoes if you have them (I had a decent sized Cherokee Purple tomato)
– Half to a whole, poblano pepper, seeds and core removed (depending on how spicy you want it)
– Half a purple onion, peeled (more if you want)
– Handful of cilantro, washed (omit if you don’t like cilantro)
– Juice of half a lime
– Pinch of salt and pepper
– 2-3 ripe peaches, with pits removed
Throw it all into a food processor and pulse until it’s the consistency you want.

We thank Mary Hall for sharing this wonderful recipe. Do you have a recipe you would like to share with the Horn Farm Center community? Get in touch! Email info@hornfarmcenter.org or click the link here.

A Positively Fantastic Pawpaw Festival

WOW! What an incredible weekend at the 2021 York County Pawpaw Festival – presented by Horn Farm Center and 7group. We were overwhelmed (literally) by the turnout and enthusiasm for pawpaws.

Approximately 1800 visitors came from all across Pennsylvania and some traveled from North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and even as far as Georgia and Florida!

We couldn’t have pulled off this incredible community event without all of our dedicated volunteers, Dick & Judy Bono, our wonderful vendors and community partners, and all of the local businesses who support our mission at the Horn Farm Center. Thank you to our volunteers and sponsors:

7group, Richards Energy Group, Inc., UPMC, The Wenger Group, Barton & Associates, Inc., Fertrell, John Wright Restaurant, Lemon Street Market, Wise Printing Company, and Specialty Tree Service

Also, a special thanks to Shank’s Mare Outfitters, Evolution Power Yoga Lancaster, Stauffers of Kissel Hill Home & Garden Store, Knaper’s Stop & Go, and Watershed Alliance of York PA for supporting this event.

The HFC Team having a laugh after the 2021 Pawpaw Festival. Left to right: Jenn Mitchell, Wilson Alvarez, Alexis Campbell, Andrew Horn, and Lizzy Ryan. Not pictured: Anna Echo-Hawk


We are currently in search of a number of items and services that will help us achieve our mission to connect soil, food, and people in ways that improve the health and resilience of our community. 

  • Seeking a plumber, interested in making an in-kind (or at cost) donation of plumbing services
  • Utility vehicle and trailer (such as used golf card or gator)
  • Electric weed-trimmer
  • Electric leaf blower

Can you help out? To offer your time, talents, equipment, or tools, please contact Farm Manger, Andrew Horn at farmmanager@hornfarmcenter.org.

UPDATED: Horn Farm Center Health and Safety Policy

The Horn Farm Center is offering on-site educational programming with some modifications due to COVID-19. Multiple hand sanitizer stations are available. We will adjust as needed as time passes and things change.

In order to ensure the health and safety of our visitors, volunteers and staff, participant expectations are as follows:

  • Outdoors – Participants are required to bring a mask and wear it when physical distancing cannot be maintained. We have a limited supply on hand if you forget yours.
  • Indoors – Participants are required to wear masks indoors.
  • Do not attend if sick or recovering.