Horn Farm Happenings – October 11, 2019

What a year 2019 has been! Though we are wrapping things up for the season and getting ready for the next, we still have classes on the calendar, a new cohort of five Woodland Steward trainees start on Monday, and we will be announcing some exciting changes in the community gardens and CSA program later this month–keep an eye on your inbox.

We’re entering the season of harvest celebrations! This year, consider taking your cooking skills to the next level by adding a few techniques to your tool kit. Coming up we have two workshops that will allow you to do just that. And these aren’t simply cooking classes, these are designed to be delightful experiences! We’ll cook, share food and drink (BYOB), and you’ll take home food ready to cook and serve at your own holiday celebration.

On October 26, during Holiday Harvest Table I, each participant will learn how to spatchcock a chicken – this is a method of cutting the meat in such a way that it cooks faster and results in more surface area thus creating more roasted flavor. To accompany the chicken, we’ll be preparing carrots using the sous vide method. Sous vide (pronounced: sue veed), means “under vacuum” in French. It describes the process of vacuum-sealing food in a bag, then cooking it to a very precise temperature in a water bath. Why go to such lengths? The food is perfectly cooked and textured every time. Then we’ll learn to make simple vinaigrettes to dress our salad. Once you know how to apply these cooking skills, you can reduce your preparation time for meals, especially those holiday meals. Join us to learn, share stories, eat and have a good time. There will be snacks and beverages. Feel free to bring your own adult beverage to enjoy or share if you prefer. All materials will be provided. Class size is limited, so register today!

Turkey leftovers are the best! On November 9, during Holiday Harvest Table II, we will discover how to create luscious turkey pot pies and sous vide turnips in roasted garlic sauce. The meal will be accompanied by a cranberry chutney. Each participant will be able to take home a ready to bake pot pie and a jar of chutney for serving at their own holiday gathering. Join us to learn, share stories, eat, and have a good time! There will be snacks and beverages. Feel free to bring your own adult beverage. Class size is limited, so register early!

Upcoming Events:
October 12 – Bread: Rising to the Next Level
October 15 – Woodland Steward Training Program
October 19 – Foraging: Soups
October 26 – Holiday Harvest Table I
November 2 – The Living Landscape
November 9 – Foraging: Roots
November 9 – Holiday Harvest Table II
November 19 – Bread Baking
December 7 – The Living Landscape
December 14 – Foraging: Winter Offerings
Custom Classes & Workshops

See you at the farm!