Horn Farm Happenings – October 18, 2019

Even though the temperatures were in the 90s just two weeks ago, we’re expecting frost tonight. Fall is here, and the season is winding down. We still have a few classes on the calendar including three foraging for wild edibles classes.

On October 19,  Foraging: Wild Soups,

wild plants for soup in pot

on November 9 Foraging: Roots,

and on December 14 Foraging: Winter Offerings

We hope to see you soon!

Upcoming Events:
October 19 – Foraging: Soups
October 26 – Holiday Harvest Table I
November 2 – The Living Landscape
November 9 – Foraging: Roots
November 9 – Holiday Harvest Table II
November 19 – Bread Baking
December 7 – The Living Landscape
December 14 – Foraging: Winter Offerings
Custom Classes & Workshops

See you at the farm!