Horn Farm Happenings – April 20

community gardens
It’s time to get growing! To ensure a productive and efficient harvest season from our gardens, we must start with an understanding of the site and what our observations and assessment can tell us. Hone your skills and plan your 2018 garden by joining our Garden Planning workshop on Saturday, April 28. Participants will learn about indicator plants and what existing vegetation can tell us about soil quality. Learn about rotations and planting in succession for extended harvest as well as companion planting to create beneficial relationships in the garden. This class will begin in the classroom and conclude outside.

The 2018 Community Garden season has begun! We still have some plots left, so reserve your space today and start gardening tomorrow!plant-salePlan to get your seedlings at our sixth annual Heirloom Plant Sale on Saturday, May 5th from 9 to 3. More than 10,000 plants in over 300 varieties of vegetables, herbs, and flowers will be available. Most plants are priced at $3.00. Heirloom varieties are cultivars preserved by gardeners and farmers who hand-select seed for a special trait displayed in the parent plant. Heirlooms were commonly grown during earlier periods in human history, but are rarely used in modern, large-scale agriculture.  All plants grow from non-GMO, non-treated seed using organic methods. Plants are grown by Horn Farm Center Incubator Farm Project and Farm Internship Program participants. Come early for the best selection!

bone broth
Collagen-rich and nourishing, bone broth is revered for it’s many uses. And it’s easier and less expensive to make than you may think. Learn about the how and the why of pressure cookers, instant pots and slow cookers. Sip your way to a whole new world of goodness. Making Bone Broth takes place Wednesday, May 9. Space is limited, register today!

For those of you who are following our regenerative agriculture journey, check out this 9 minute video: Regenerative Agriculture: A Solution to Climate Change. Ben Dobson is Farm Manager at Stone House Farm in the Hudson River Valley of New York State. He lead the transition form conventional corn and soy production to diversified organic production.

Upcoming events:
April 21 – Wilderness Skills: Fire
April 21 – Monthly Foraging
April 28 – Garden Planning
April 29 – Low-tech Mushroom Cultivation
May 4 – Give Local York
May 4 – Horn Farm Pizza Night at John Wright Restaurant
May 5 –  Heirloom Plant Sale
May 5 – Wilderness Skills: Foraging, Hunting, Trapping
May 9 – Making Bone Broth
May 12 – Raising Insects for Food and Farm
May 12 – Wilderness Skills: Advanced Primitive Hunting Techniques
May 13 – MAEscapes Native Plant Sale
May 15 – Tuesday Evening Work Crew (begins)
May 17 – Monthly Foraging
May 19 – Insect Identification and Management
June 2 – Introduction to Permaculture
June 16 – Monthly Farm Tour – Third Saturday
June 16 – Introduction to Plant Communication
June 23 – Cycle the Solstice

See you at the farm!