Horn Farm Happenings – September 4, 2020

Welcome Horn Farm Center’s New Executive Director, Alexis Campbell

After saying farewell to Horn Farm Center’s former Executive Director, Alyson Earl, we welcomed our new Executive Director, Alexis Campbell to the team this week. Although it has only been a few days, Alexis has been digging in and getting her hands dirty as she becomes acquainted with the ins and outs of the Horn Farm Center. She is eager to learn more about the history of the organization and looks forward to getting to know our community in the coming months.

New Executive Director, Alexis Campbell

“It is an absolute honor to be a part of the Horn Farm Center team. I am so impressed by the talent and dedication of the staff and volunteers. The impact of Alyson’s leadership and the legacy of the farm community – our staff, board, volunteers, supporters, farmers, gardeners, and founding community members – can be seen and felt in every inch of the landscape. There is a true sense of caring here that speaks through the people at the farm, but also the soil, water, and biodiversity. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to serve the organization and to lead the Horn Farm Center into its next phase of regeneration and growth. 

I look forward to meeting you all, and getting to know the Horn Farm Center community. Please feel free to stop in and say hello or contact me directly at executivedirector@hornfarmcenter.org

Let’s grow together!” – Alexis Campbell


Field Manager, Andrew Horn chopping cover crops at the Horn Farm Center.

This week at the Horn Farm, Field Manager, Andrew Horn, and our Regenerative Farming Trainees took advantage of the cool misty weather to continue experimenting with using cover crops to improve our soils. We worked up quite a sweat using human power to chop and drop the Sorghum-Sudan grass (a C4 Photosynthesizer) and cow peas (Nitrogen Fixer). Their growth has added nutrients to the soil and their biomass will build organic matter. Discover more regenerative agriculture and ecology at the Horn Farm Center. Visit hornfarmcenter.org to learn about our class and workshop offerings.

Upcoming Events:
Saturday, September 5: Backyard Composting
Saturday, September 5: The Living Landscape
Tuesday, September 8: Tuesday Afternoon on the Farm (free! pre-registration requested)
Saturday, September 12: Backyard Composting
Saturday, September 12: Foraging for Wild Teas & Drinks
Tuesday, September 15: Tuesday Afternoon on the Farm (free! pre-registration requested)
Saturday, September 19: Wild Lands: Art of Seeing and Science of Observation (sold out!)
Tuesday, September 22: Tuesday Afternoon on the Farm (free! pre-registration requested)
Saturday, September 26: Wild Lands: Shelter Building and Finding Water
Tuesday, September 29: Tuesday Afternoon on the Farm (free! pre-registration requested)
Saturday, October 3: Wild Lands: Art of Fire by Friction
Saturday, October 10: Wild Lands: Foraging, Hunting, Trapping
Saturday, October 10: Foraging Wild Roots for Coffee and More
Saturday, October 17: WildLands: Advanced Primitive Hunting Techniques
Saturday, November 7: The Living Landscape
Saturday, December 5: The Living Landscape

See you at the farm!

York County has moved into the green phase for dealing with COVID-19, so we are resuming some on farm classes with modifications. Classes will be held outside and are limited to 10 participants per class. If more than one class occurs on the same day, start times will be staggered to reduce the number of individuals arriving at the same time. Multiple hand sanitizer stations are available. We will adjust as needed as time passes and things change. Participants are required to bring a mask and wear when proper physical distancing cannot be maintained. Except for family members physical distancing of 6 feet must be maintained.