Horn Farm Happenings – September 8

squirrel tail ovenAs the weather cools our thoughts turn to warm food, maybe even food cooked in a wood burning oven…
We are offering three hands-on workshops this season that cover the basics along with some expert techniques:
Roasted Vegetables [Wait List] , Bread Baking, and Making Soup Stock. All three will be held in our historic summer kitchen with squirrel tail oven. The summer kitchen has all the modern conveniences of electric appliances along with a fully functional, wood burning, squirrel tail oven. Class size is limited to ten, so register soon!Bread Baking Class in Horn Farm Summer Kitchen

Besides roasting, cooking, and baking, there are other ways to play with fire. hands holding flamesConsider joining Wild Man Wilson Alvarez for one or all of the the Wildlands Immersion series of five full-day workshops designed to reconnect you to the land and develop essential survival skills.
Sundays, 9:00am-4:00pm, beginning September 24.
Students will gain hands-on experience with basic, pre-industrial, woodland-style survival skills/bushcraft. This includes gathering wild foods and medicine, building debris-huts, animal tracking, fire-making techniques such as hand-drill and bow drill, making basic hunting implements such as a survival bow and simple traps, and much more.

Are you ready to upgrade your yard from a chore to an edible landscape? Check out our Edible Landscapes for the 21st Century Design Intensive. People with all levels of experience are welcome!forest garden design intensive banner

Upcoming events:
Roasted Vegetables – September 12
Foraging – September 18
Tending the Susquehanna Riverlands – September 22/23
Pawpaw Festival _ September 23/24
The Art of Seeing and the Science of Observation – September 24
Wild Lands Immersion -Primitive Skills – September 24 through October 22
Foraging – October 7
Harvest Festival (free to the public) – October 11 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Edible Ecosystems Emerging: Food Forestry for the 21st Century – October 13 – 22
Breadbaking (full day workshop) – October 21
Offal: Tongue & Brains – October 26
Bowmaking – November 4, 5, 11, 12
Foraging – November 4
Making Soup Stock – November 15
Foraging – December 2

See you at the farm!